20 July 2021
r3.0 Conference: Redesign for a regenerative and distributive economy and culture

The research centre is proud to sponsor the international conference r3.0 again this year !

It will take place on 7 and 8 September on the theme : 

Driving a regenerative and distributive economy and culture

The r3.0 International Virtual Conference from 8th to 11th of September offers a framework for redesigning our economy around the principles of regeneration and distribution. This framework is based around the r3.0 work ecosystem: the family of 9 interlinked Blueprints, 5 already developed, and 2 to be released and 2 initiated at this conference; 6 prior r3.0 conferences; the networks of Academic Alliance and Advocation Partners; Research and Test Lab collaborations, and our Global Thresholds & Allocations Council initiation.

The conference tagline – Redesign for a Regenerative & Distributive Economy: Closing Systemic Gaps – responds to the increasingly dramatic failure of our current economy design, as evidenced by decades of scientific data. At r3.0, we call this the ‘Triple-E-Failure’ in economy, ecology and education – root causes that lead to social stress on all fronts, as symptoms of these failures.

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