Attend to the annual conference of Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Research Center

24 January 2023

On March 7th 2023, attend to the second annual conference of Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Research Center!

Multi-capital accounting has now entered in force the world of organizations, through multiple international projects, the CSRD directive and requests by international ratings.

Our research Centre has spent the last 2 years and a half building a strong theoretical framework that has been tested in practice in 7 organizations already from SMEs to multinationals.

After a very successful online conference in June 2021 (350 registrations from around the world), we now are happy to welcome you on the Audencia campus in Paris for a one day hybrid conference, all in English, that will update you on our current projects.


  • 9.00 to 9.45 am : Roundtable : Will multi-capital accounting become the norm to account for sustainability?
  • 10.00 to 11.00 am :  Danone’s experimentation
  • 11.15 to 11.45 am :  Audencia’s experimentation
  • 12.00 to 01pm : Accounting for gender equality

Lunch break

  • 02.00 to 03.00 pm :  Monetization
  • 03.15 to 04.15 pm : Positive impact accounting
  • 04.30 to 05.30pm :  Results of the internal controls and sustainability reporting study


Access upon registration - English speaking



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