Research Center Creation: 1 year already!

08 July 2021
Created a year ago, the Multi-Capital Global Performance Research Center catalyze the implementation of its different projects: its team will double between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021, and its expertise is attracting increasing interest. 

During the last 12 months, the research center developed three PhD projects and four training courses, has published several reports, and more than 15 press articles, given nearly 20 external presentations and 8 online conferences. The number of subscribers to the Chair's social networks has tripled and nearly 300 people attended its first annual conference. 

This success opens the door to great opportunities and potential new partnerships, as well as new research projects for the coming year: Workshop at the Produrable Convention 2021 trade show, hosting 150 executives for the corporate climate convention, another study on internal auditing and control practices in terms of ESG, presentation of the second version of the LIFTS Accounting Model© methodology, etc.   

Find out more about the Research Center first-anniversary presentation at the annual conference on June 8 with its three founding partners: L'Oréal, Danone and PwC France and Maghreb right here :  

Annual Conference replays 

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